Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Noteworthy: Watch Brady Bunch Online for Free!

Image Sourece:  Kergan Edwards-Stout 

Alright, over time you might begin to notice all the free things we watch online. This is because it is FREE. And it is also, a good winter activity and a good single-parent-trying-to-do-homework but you-are-not-napping activity. I feel guilty about this because I had aspirations to raise my children without TV. However, even though we do not have cable (or "tv"), we work internet streaming like nobodies.

As a result, I try to at least pick the good stuff, or the better options. Often we go vintage. Luckily, my son and I (fingers crossed on this lasting) like a LOT of the same things. Our current favorite... The Brady Bunch! Oh yes, my child LOVES the Brady Bunch. He does know all of their names. He does call bunk beds "bunch beds". He also now wants "I have some bunch beds, pleeease mama!" and also brothers and sisters. Yikes! Although, I may be able to manage the beds at some point...

Without further ado, you can watch The Brady Bunch Online for Free, Here. I recommend choosing the Xfinity option (as opposed to because they will automatically play the next chronological show available. plays the last show from the 5th (and last) season next, bummer. I always choose "full episodes" then the season I want to watch on the side navigation bar.

Oh how I wish I could embed an episode. Still. Go check it out! You can watch The Brady Bunch, online, for free!

Pssst... A little sneak peak for my recurring readers,  tomorrow will be a free crochet pattern!

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