Thursday, February 16, 2012

I Love Birth

The title of this post is pretty self explanatory, I really do love birth. For those of you who don't know, I am a birth professional. I am a doula. I am also a mother. I had a beautiful, peaceful home birth. Birth is a topic that will be very present on my blog. In the past two days I have come across some birth videos that have just made my heart about burst wide open. Be warned, I can't stop using the word, "beautiful"all over this post. It's just such a great word for it!

I am going to share just one of those today. It's really short and just beautiful. I love this video for many reasons, including:

1. Their three older children are at the birth. One of the older boys is shown rubbing his mama's back in labor <3
2. It shows the peacefulness and beauty of a home birth
3. It is emotional and I think, sacred... especially just after the baby is born. It reminds me of what that first moment of meeting your baby is like.
4. The Father is strong, supportive and involved. Beautiful teamwork.
5. Affirmation in the room! "Believe All Things Are Possible With Christ"
6. The peak into home birth, although short, is very accurate and like the ones I've attended and the one I had.
7. The video is very artfully made. The filming is fantastic and the music is beautiful and inspiring. It adds a lot to the tone of what a home birth is like.
8. The mother labors peacefully, which I have found is usually the case, ESPECIALLY in hypnobirths.
9. All support people; doula, midwife, grandparents, kids, etc. are being peaceful and supporting the mother in what she wants for her birth experience. There is no one biting their nails anxiously in the corner, fretting every detail that is different from their own experience or in a frenzy tying to "get their work done". It is not an emergency atmosphere, because most births are not emergencies.
10. That last scene that shows the lusciousness of being in bed with your family and new baby in a way you can only do at a home birth. I love the older brother holding and kissing his new baby brother. The coziness of their home surrounded by the people who matter most. Uplifting and beautiful!

P.S. I think they disabled the embedding so you may have to go directly to Youtube. Don't let that discourage you from watching!!!

P.P.S. I know there are some who don't feel comfortable watching someone else's birth video due to the nudity involved. This video shows her belly but none of the "private parts". It is safe to watch. In fact, I showed it to my two year old and he loved it and asked to watch it a few more times. If you want your kids to attend your next birth perhaps this video would be a good one to show them in preparation.

**You can learn more about hypnobirths: at Hypnobabies, Hypnobirthing and Hypnobirthing Utah.

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