Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Simply The Sweet Life Valentine's Giveaway

Alrighty, folks. This giveaway is the real deal. The prizes are fantastic. I, personally, really love Simply The Sweet Life Magazine!

The photography is breathtaking and the content is refreshing and delightful! And it's FREE! Yep, a free digital magazine for your viewing pleasure! I'm so excited for their next issue, coming soon, which is a kids and teens issue. Hurray! Of course, I love all things kid :o)

So about the giveaway...

To enter, you need to head  on over to their Facebook page and follow the instructions there!

Prizes include the following:

  • A trip to New York City from CityPass & Simply the Sweet Life & $1000 visa gift card
  • A home automation system from Vivint
  • iPhone 4s from Vivint
  • Straub Cherry Round French Oven from Orson Gygi
  • Crafters Dream Bundle, including The Original Scrabox Craftbox
  • 1 year  supply of cake bites from Sweet Tooth Fairy
  • Amano Artesian Chocolate
  • 10 piece jewelry set from Dawn Stark Designs
  • His and Her fitness set
  • Top 10 things for spring break clothing items from DownEast Outfitter
This giveaway is really no-joke! I am in particular need for that NYC trip - my bestie lives there, plus I want to go to BlogHer in August :o) 

Really all of it sounds fantastic to me... So head, walk, run... FLY on over to Simple The Sweet Life Magazine's Facebook Page A.S.A.P. and go win some prizes! 

Contest ends Feb 29, 2012 at 11:59 MST!!!

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