Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Inspired Me Monday: The Return

I am so excited to bring you something inspiring, original and something you probably haven't seen before. A good friend of mine, Amber Gurr, wrote a Christian song and sang it with her husband, Justin,  in this song, The Return. Amber is working on 3 more songs and hoping to work towards an album. They just barely set up a blog as a place to keep people updated on the process! Bookmark it so you can check back and see how they are doing!

Please watch and support them, remember to share this link on your Facebook page or with people you think will enjoy the video. I would love to boost their youtube views! I am so excited for them. I think they are incredibly talented and I'm happy they want to share Lord's message with the world in such a beautiful way!

Here is what Amber had to say about this song and song writing.

This is my second song to record.  My husband Justin is on lead and I am playing piano and singing harmonies.  This is actually the FIRST song that I've written in this phase of my life.  They are kind of flooding in at this point, and in general coming easier than this song came.  

The thoughts and feelings expressed in this song were the ones that first came to mind when I sat down and decided I wanted to write Christian music.  I've been through a lot in my life and I have found so much more joy in following the Lord's way.  Of course that joy is now all I want for everyone.  Even when you go through hard things, when you do it with Christ, you can carry His peace with you through it.  That is why, like Paul says "all things are possible through Christ which strengtheneth me."

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