Friday, June 3, 2011

Foodie Friday: 5 Herbal Sorbet Recipes from The Herb Companion

Photo source: The Herb Companion

I LOVE sorbet. I LOVE herbs. So when I saw the newsletter in my inbox entitled, "5 Easy, Delicious Sorbet Recipes" from The Herb Companion, I almost leapt for joy. I knew they would incorporate herbs somehow and I've had a goal to use herbs more in my meals in a less traditional way. I want to use them more as a focal point.

This article talks about that in particular. It also tells you two basic methods for how to make it, one uses a blender and the other a saucepan to create an infusion (I'll be talking more about what that is later). I would like to modify these recipes to make them a little healthier, but I'll have to test that out later when I have a little better access to a kitchen (relocating for the summer). As soon as I have a chance to try these recipes I will let you know how they turn out!

Here are the 5 easy sorbet recipes linked in the article:

I will probably try Basil-Lime or Lemon Verbena first. I can't wait......

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