Thursday, October 20, 2011

Just Because it is Hilarious!

What has my wee lad and I laughing our socks off these days?

These commercials (below).... Enjoy!

P.S. Little Lad's favorite is the "Liquid Gooold" one. That commercial reminds me of when my brother was little. After we watched Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, he would sing the Adam Pontipee classic "Bless your beautiful Hiiiiiide, wherever you may beee" with full blown opera-ish voice (what is that called?). It was hilarious, especially since he was a pretty young and definitely pre-pubescent lad trying to intimidate Pontipee's deep voice and singing style. Haha! It was so cute to see him trying to sing like that!


 Just so you know what I'm talking about, "Bless Your Beautiful Hide" And the other hilarious commercials in the series....


Seriously hilarious... seriously.

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