Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Favorite Steve Jobs Tributes

I keep thinking about writing about Steve Jobs and how he impacted my life through his products and innovations but I can't seem to find the words. I'm going to leave it to a compilation of some of my favorite bloggers to give my tribute to Mr. Jobs.

On Yom Kippur and Gratitude, by Tori Avey of The Shiksa in the Kitchen. (It is relavent, I love this post).

My Plural Marriage, An Ode to Steve Jobs by C. Jane Kendrick of C. Jane Enjoy It.

Steve Jobs by Gabrielle Blair of Design Mom

and a short but sweet one:

Steve Jobs by Freshly Picked

The day he died, I found out 2 minutes after I woke up since it was on the news on the TV downstairs. Cancer. Gosh, I didn't know about that. I couldn't help but to think that this was the second person I know that has died of cancer in the last two weeks. About one minute after that my brother (who teased me for being a staunch Apple fan, until he too converted because the genius of the brand could no longer be denied), texted me to tell me the news. We exchanged a few texts of sympathy and shock. I called my best friend to tell her because her husband develops iphone and ipad apps pretty much since the beginning of that whole thing. She was surprised. No doubt he impacted their life, not only because of her husband's career but because all three of her boys had not only destroyed at least one apple product each in their first few years of life (costing them a small fortune because these were required work tools for dad) but, they are all proficient on the iphone or ipad by the time they are out of toddler-hood. As a result I got my son using the ipod early too. He took to it like a moth to a flame, or perhaps as it will be one day known, "like a toddler to an ipod".

My baby enjoying songs on our (his) ipod. 

For their family and mine, Steve Job's innovations are part of daily life. It's been a real blessing to me and so many others. I know that this can't be an easy time for his family. My thoughts are with them.  Yeah, I didn't know him personally but, I am definitely feeling the loss. As my friend over at Freshly Picked said, "You will be missed Steve, but your spirit lives on....In 5 (make that 2 at my house) devices in my house." 

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